Stage 10 – to Rovaniemie

Going to Rovaniemie

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Today I want to travel to Rovaniemie. Again a place with such a familiar sound to it.
Don’t know why, but all my life I wanted to have been to Rovaniemie.
But first we start with 80 km along the Baltic to Simo, where I will turn inland.
It seems on the map an important place, but it only has about 3.500 inhabitants.

Then another 70 km, and then turn to the North, onto route 78.
It seems like good roads, maybe a bit monotonous, with only woods probably.
And another 75 km going straight North to Rovaniemie.

Rovaniemie is situated near the Polar Circle. The city was completely destroyed in 1944 and was rebuild by architect Alvar Aalto.
Tales are that these surroundings are inhabited by gnomes, goblins and such. And they live underground.
The tale tells that the underworld people were the children of Eve, who she hid from God as she had no time to wash them all. When God approached Eve and asked if these were all her children, Eve admitted they were, then God said that what is hidden from God’s eyes is also hidden from people’s eyes. And so live our distant ancestors in the underworld.
Yet another mystical place in this world I guess.

It is also the place where Santa Claus lives.

At the moment that I am creating this page, april 18 around noon, and watching a webcam , it seems it is still rather chilly out there..

The place I intend to stay Ounaskoski Camping.

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