Stage 13 – to Russeness

Going to Russeness

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Today it’s a long drive again, around 250 km.
First head up North for 30 km following the E75, then turn left Route 92, heading for Norway.
And I will pass Karasjok, where January 1999 the lowest temperature measured was 51,2 degrees.
But that’s in winter…
In Karasjok I turn right onto the E6.
And although it might be a very interesting place I will pass on in the direction of Lakselv.
On the map it seems like an important place, but is has only around 2000 inhabitants.
This part of the world is clearly not crowded….
And we are getting more and more to the North. Normal temperature in june around 9 degrees.
With the warmest measured around 22, let’s hope for a new record this year..
So from here it’s another 70 km to my place of destiny today, Russeness.
A village with 50 people.
The place I will try to stay : Olderfjord Hotell Russenes Camping AS



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