Stage 14 – to the Nordkapp

The Nordkapp

Today in Google Maps


Today I will reach the destination of this trip.
The Nordkapp.
Well to end all speculations, this is from Wikipedia:
North Cape is a cape on the island of Magerøya in northern Norway, in the municipality of Nordkapp.
Its 307 m high, steep cliff is often referred to as the northernmost point of Europe, located at 71°10′21″N 25°47′40″E, 2102.3 km from the North Pole.
However, the neighbouring point Knivskjellodden is actually 1,457 metres further north. Moreover, both of these points are situated on an island, which means the northernmost point of mainland Europe is in fact Cape Nordkinn (Kinnarodden), about 20 km from the village of Mehamn on Nordkinn Peninsula.
So in fact I am not going to the most Northern part of European mainland …. :-(


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