Stage 1 – to Wischhafen

As I am not sure how I will start this journey, Wischhaven will be the starting point for this trip.
It is said to be the most western place to cross the Elbe by ferry.
The Elbe is connected to the Mittellandkanal and thus provides an important connection to the VW factory.
I didn’t know until now that the river Elbe was mentioned in the Treaty of Versailles.
But apparently the republic of Czechoslovakia holds a lot in the harbor of Hamburg, so it has direct access to the sea.
“The deal thus allowed the landlocked country free ports where goods transported over the Vltava and the Elbe or the Oder, respectively, could be transferred to seagoing ships in Hamburg or Stettin without the interference of a third state.”
Interesting historic stuff.

Wischhafen itself is a small village, about 3000 people live there.
The closest campsite I could find is KNAUS Campingpark Wingst. Which is about 17 km from Wischhafen.

I want to take the ferry accros the Elbe to Gluckstadt. And from there onto Odense in Denmark.

5 Responses to Stage 1 – to Wischhafen

  1. Joke says:

    Ziet er goed uit, en wat een prachtige bus!!!

  2. Miriam says:

    Tjonge, ik ben onder de indruk!!!
    Alle succes en plezier!!

  3. Bart. says:

    Ook de langste reis begint met de eerste keer je bus starten….

    Goede reis, geniet ervan.

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