Stage 2 – to Odense

Going to Odense (Denmark)

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This is going to be a long drive, around 300 km. Might be I split it into 2 stages in the future.
Taking the ferry from Wischhafen to Gluckstadt, and then onto the B77 to Rendsburg, and then continue on the A7 (E45) onto Flensburg.
This is Schleswig-Holstein. Once the Saxons ruled here, and in more recent times it switched being part of Denmark, Germany and being independant.
The surroundings are hilly, so I hope the car can stay in fourth gear.

Flensburg was the last capital of Nazi-Germany.
May 1 1945, Karl Dönitz got notice that he was the succesor of Adolf Hitler. He was the last one that Hitler thought to be loyal to him. And Karl Dönitz’s U-boots were the last remaining army unit that kept functioning.
On may 2, he tried to capitulate to Montgomery but that didn’t work out.
Only on may 7 the capitulation was signed, and a second time on may 9, cause the Russians were not present the on may 7.

Continuing on the E45 into Denmark, near Padborn is the Frøslevlejrens Museum.
I’ll try to visit this internment camp for members of the Dansh Resistance, although I need to drive a lot of kilometers this day.
From Flensburg to Kolding is about 100 km, on a highway. So I reckon about 1 hour 30 minutes for that.
Then from Kolding to Odense is another 75 km, a long the E20, and here we cross one the first big bridges across the Lillebaelt.

Odense probably is related to ”Odin”, a famous God in Norse Mythology.
After visiting the Glastonbury Tor last year, this might be another mythical place.
Or maybe the mystics are gone because of the Christian church “Sankt Knuds”?

The famous Sankt Knuds church

Some famous people from Odense:

I am planning to stay on a nice campground in the middle of the city.
DCU-Odense City Camp

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