Stage 4 – to Gränna

Going to Gränna

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Going from Malmo to Halmstadt. Another 137 km on the E20.
I took a look in Streetview and it seems like it is a 3-way lane. Not my favorite kind of road.
Halmstadt is a small city with around 60.000 inhabitants, and it was founded in the 11th century.
It has a river called Nissan.
Who knows what connection there exists with the Japanese… :-)

Past Halmstadt I will turn right onto road 26 in the direction of Gislaved.
I will follow the river Nissan upstream for a while.
In Streetview this is partly a 4way road, so it should be quite relaxed driving.
To Gislaved is about 90 km.

Why do I want to visit Gislaved? Just because the name has such a familiar tone.
Maybe because there use to be a tyre brand Gislaved?
It seems they have a racetrack there, for the rest it seems like a small quite town with not much entertainment.

Then onto Jonkopping. Another 80 km trough Småland country.
The city lies on the south end of one of Sweden’s biggest lakes, Vättern.
It is also known for companies like IKEA, Electrolux and Husqvarna. And of course famous singer Agnetha Fältskog from Abba originates from here.
I plan to stay on the shore of the lake Vättern somewhere.

So my intention is to continue in the direction of Brahehus, taking the E4.
And then maybe take a hotel somewhere.
After all I am 4 days on the road, so I could use a good shower and take care of my stoma probably.
Found a nice hotel, Västanå slott, but maybe a bit to expensive for me.. :-)
Maybe more for me might be Lasse & Solveig Presentart in Gränna.
Well, from Jonkopping to Gränna is another 40 km, so that will bring the totall of today on 33o km.
Enough I should say.

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