Tuesday, July 12, Koge – Home

After looking with amazement how much these Czech can eat for breakfast, I leave at 9:00.
Round 11:30 I arrive at Rodbyhavn, where I have to wait for an hour to get on the ferry.
On the ferry I sleep in the car for 45 minutes, so I am fresh to start again.

I do a little part on the highway, but this “swish swish” of these fast German cars is very tiring, so I turn on to the B-roads again. The bus feels at home here.. :-)
Tomtom says I should be home at 22:30, so I hope I will make it before midnight.
(It doesn’t count the time I stop to have coffee or food…)

Around 17:00 I am in Gluckstadt again, to cross the Elbe. I do something stupid, and pass all the cars, and then have to play the stupid Englishman, that doesn’t understand German.
(Almost nobody recognizes the number plates, and I carry an English (not Great Britain) flag on the back on the car.)
But they all like the “Bulli” and I have a hard time not to answer directly, while I do understand exactly what they are saying. Anyway I get away with it, and am first on the ferry….

At Westersteden I turn on to the Highway. It’s starts raining. It seems like it is always raining in Northern Germany when I pass.
It’s getting dark.
At Leer it’s becoming a cloud-burst and my windshield wiper stops…..
So I stop too, have coffee, a little sleep, and then repair the windshield wiper…

On the highway there is “Bauarbeiten”, 1-lane only, so for 12 km I go 50 in this terrible rain and gain a lot of followers….

But I make it, at 23:45 I am home.

I started this trip at 45.591 and ended it at 52.685. So 7.094 km, been to the North Cape, seen 12.000 American cars, met a lot of nice people, seen sun and rain.
Drove most the Inlandsvagen and never going to do it again… :-)

I hope you all enjoyed the little stories and the pictures.

All the picture albums


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Monday, July 11, Halmstadt – Koge (Denmark)

Today I want to complete my last goal. Go and visit one of the previous owners of the Samba, who lives in Lund.
I got his address but no idea if he still lives there.
I had a flat tyre on friday, and it doesn’t feel fine driving around without a spare.
So at some point I enter a Euromaster station. I hadn’t noticed but it specialty is large trucks.
But the guy is very friendly, and starts looking for a tube to fit my tyre.
And when he finds one, he starts working on it, apparently there is a bad spot in the flat tube.
Production error?
Anyway he puts in the new tube, and I am not sure if me visiting Powermeet had something to do with it.
But he says “Go and drive”. And at no costs my tyre is fixed again.
Nice people these Swedish people.

I have lunch at a Caltex station. Really! Like using a time machine. Wonderful!

I pass Bjuvs Kommun, which reminds me, that back home Buuv is waiting to become a SambaBusBabe…

Then to Lund, I go to the address, but nobody is home, so I take a picture and then wonder what to do?
I decide to go and see how far I can get.
And I end up in Koge. On a camping near the beach, and have a nice evening with 5 youngsters from the Czech Republic. Oh, the energy of the young!
1 car, 2 girls, 2 motorbikes and 3 boys in 2 very small tents…

Pictures of the last 3 days

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Sunday, July 10, Motala – Halmstadt

Sunday morning, all the pictures were uploaded during the night.
I liked driving the B-roads, so I leave the Tomtom the way it is, and after a nice breakfast I’m on my way again…
Apperently they have build a complete new E4 highway, and I am driving the old one.
Little traffic, I am enjoying the ride.
I take some pictures of the waving grainfields, and stop here and there to have coffee and such.
Around 14:00 I see the sign Nissan river, and I decide to stop with my Iranian friend who kept giving me coffee when the car broke down some weeks ago.
Too bad he ain’t home but his son is. He spent his time in Australia as a photographer, so we exchange some tips and tricks.

I continue to Halmstadt and end up on the same camping as I stayed on the first night in Sweden.
And the girl at the reception, remember, the blonde one with the green eyes that made me by the Scandinavian Carnet, remembers me, or my hat, or the car.

I left today at 09:30 and arrived at 18:00 and did a 311 km.

Pictures will be in tomorrow’s album…


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Saturday, July 9, Halstahammer – Motala

Friday night I missed all the action in Vasterass.
With the burnouts, the people undressing, the boys falling of the cars.
The drinking, the dancing, the music, the cruising…
But I am so tired, I want to go home, so I there are no pictures of the action on friday evening and saturday evening.
So my friend Peter, if you wanna see American Cars…., it’s not Cuba, but it’s also fun, next year is another Powermeet, go see for yourself….!

Saturday morning I say goodbye to all the Dutch people, with the promise of a ride in an American car when we are back home in Peize.

I set the Tomtom to a max speed of 60km, and it decides that is too slow for highway’s, so along B-roads, I go down south. And after about 170 km I end up in Motala. Which is on the coast of the Vatten lake.

I am trying to upload all the pictures of the last days to Picasa, but it’s so slow.
I decide to wake up in the middle of the night to try again, but to no avail.
So I take the computer into the tent, and let it upload while I am asleep….

No pictures today..


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Wednesday-Friday, July 5-8 Vasterass….

We were staying in Halstahammer, which is around 20km from Vasterass.
But already this camping was full with old American cars.
On wednesday we drove into Vasterass, to sniff the atmosphere, and stroll around in the city.
I guess I strolled a bit too much, because my legs were starting to hurt again.

But already on wednesday the old Amercan cars were cruising the streets.
And the event hadn’t started yet!

In the mean time some more Dutch people had arrived on the camping.
People that Willem and Trijntje had met the year before.
And, 2 of them, Johan and Ineke, from my own village….!
Amazing that I have lived there for 20 years or so, and never met these people.
They both own 3 American cars, and I never noticed…. So it was very nice to meet these people and I am sure we will meet again, when we are home.
Ineke promised me a ride in her Pontiac…
And there was another coupple, Jan en Marijke, and Jan had bought himself a split window beetle when he was 16…
And no one else but our famous Bill Nieboer, had helped hem to gain some missing parts….
Probably it was the PK-66-68.

A little and weird world it is.
To meet some people from your own village some 1200 km away from home, and find one of the previous owners of what is now one of the most beautiful cars of the LVWCN.

On wednesday we went with 7 people in the Cadillac to have dinner, and see the first burn-outs.
And in the evening we ended at a company called Autotech.
There was this beautiful Ford Mustand with 320 HP.
I tried to trade in my Samba, but he didn’t want to give a price without seeing it.
The Mustang was 60K Euro’s, so if he had wanted to swap….., who knows I now might have been driving a Mustang home.
But he didn’t and afterwards Willem convinced me that I am not a Ford man…., I am more of a Chevrolet man…

Some pictures..

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